How To Prevent Electrical Shock – Tips By Professional Electrician

Electrical shock is a very serious hazard that can lead to serious injury, even death. It can cause respiratory failure, skin burns, seizures, heart attack and muscle pain. It can occur anywhere, whether you are at workplace or at home. Prevention of an electric shock is easy, if you know what to do and what to avoid. With some basic knowledge and safety training, you can protect yourself and your family members from electronic shock.

Every year, many people are injured and even lose their lives due to some negligence or due to the lack of electrical information. Most of the people think they can do the job more quickly and very well without turning off the main power supply. But in reality, they put their selves in a very dangerous situation. It is highly advisable that always turn off the main supply before touching any electric wire or hire an electrician.

  1. Learn how electricity works: Knowledge plays the most important role to prevent any dangerous situation and it helps to understand the cause of electric shock. To know about that how electricity works, you can read books, articles and blogs on the internet. There are some simple electricity problems that do not require a help of an electrician. Means, you can solve a minor problem on your own. But to sort out it, it is crucial that you have a little knowledge about it.
  2. Cover sockets and outlets: Good looking switch covers and wall plates are not just to make sockets look better or beautiful. These covers are used for protection. They keep debris and dust out of sockets. Never stick your wet hands and a metal utensil into the socket.
  3. Replace damaged equipments: Old or damaged electrical equipment that sparks or has frayed wires is not safe to use. You need to hire an electrician and replace all damaged or old equipments as soon as possible. If there is any wire sticking out from the wall, don’t try to touch it. First, an electrician inspect the wire and after that he will fix the issue.
  4. Store electrical items away from water: Using electric appliances near water sources are the most common reason of shock. Keep all your electrical equipments away from water. Today, everyone has appliances in the bathroom and kitchen, you may also have. Make sure you store them away from water. If accidentally an appliance fall into the water while plugged in, never touch it. First switch off the power and then remove the object from the water.
  5. Take precaution while doing electrical work: Sometimes, you are trying to solve minor problems on your own. It is good that you sort out some problems on your own, but it requires precautions and safety. If you wear metal jewelry, remove it before performing and don’t wear wet clothes. Double checking is crucial for safety.

An electricity never gives you a second chance. So, don’t play with it. A small pitfall can lead to serious consequences. So, don’t hesitate to call a licensed and professional electrician to find out the problem.

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