Trying To Touch an Electricity Wire? Please Don’t Get Carried Away By The Following Myths!

Be it home or a factory, every day a lot of cases are reported where people get electrical shocks and some shocks are so dreadful that they even take the life of the victim.

All these incidents occur due to lack of proper knowledge about electricity and its wiring. What makes the situation even more worse are the various myths associated with them.

These myths provide wrong information to the victims and such kind of life threatening myths need to be busted immediately. So, before you try to fix any electricity issue of your home or workplace yourself, consider the following myths to avoid any kind of injury or accident.

Electricity Myths & Facts

Myth- Electricity always takes the path which is least resistance.
Fact- This is not true at all as electricity is not dependent on a resistant path. It will take any conductive path regardless of its level of resistance. So, don’t touch the wire thinking of a wire to be resistant free.

Myth- An electrical tool will lead to a short circuit if fell in water by tripping the circuit breaker.
Fact- This can be true and false too. It all depends on the water to be conductive or non conductive. However, it is not recommended to touch the electrical item to retrieve it as water is a great conductor of electricity and can lead to a fatal shock if another part of the body is touching the grounded object.

Myth- Electricity always goes to the ground.
Fact- Yes it is a fact but not a complete truth. Electricity does go the ground but just doesn’t disappear from there. This is so as ground acts as an ‘electrical loop’ which helps an electric current to return to the power source which is grounded.

Myth- The reverse current of the alternating current is not dangerous at all.
Fact- According to experts, electrical tools, attachment plugs and receptacles should be wired properly so that the designated polarity is unable to reverse. Also, the switch should be on the conductor which is supplying the energy and is generally ‘hot’.

Myth- Only a high voltage can result in a fatal electrical shock.
Fact- This is not to be believed at all as it is the current which is actually a danger and not the voltage. A 60 volt AC is capable enough to kill a worker. This means, voltage does play a role in shock and should not be underestimated by its size!

Myth- You can never get a shock if you get double insulated tools installed.
Fact- This is not true at all as at times the short circuit’s impact is so big that it can destroy a double insulated protection too.

Need Professional Advice?
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