Top 6 Benefits of LED Energy Saving Light Bulbs You Ought to Know

Various eco-friendly NGOs are working to protect our environment and while the rest of us are simply cheering and supporting them verbally, we aren’t doing enough to make a difference. However, what we don’t realise is that we can collaborate and become a part of this movement. The act of replacing light bulbs of our homes with some LED energy saving lights is a humungous step and this does not only makes a change for the environment but benefits you as well.

Following are certain advantages of using LED lights over traditional light bulbs:

  1. Environment friendly – LED light bulbs are manufactured of non-toxic materials that simply make them totally harmless to our environment. They are also 100% recyclable. Other types of lights like the fluorescent lighting bulbs happen to contain several toxic substances and gases which are dangerous for the environment.
  2. Energy efficient – They are the most efficient lighting in terms of energy till today. In an LED bulb, 80% of the electrical energy gets converted into light and the remaining 20% gets transformed into many other forms of energy like heat. Conventional lights, on the other hand, convert only 20% of the energy into light and the remaining 80% into heat.
  3. Long lifetime of light bulbs – The lifespan of these bulbs is another important aspect of their existence. Since the energy lost ratio is less, therefore most of the energy gets converted into light which prevents the bulb from burning. LEDs can continue to give light for up to 11 years and thereby live longer than the traditional light bulbs.
  4. High resistance – LEDs are extremely durable because of the solid components that are used for their construction and absence of that sensitive filament which is found in traditional bulbs. This helps the LEDs to sustain hard conditions like vibrations, shock, wind and rain etc. They therefore turn out to be best especially for lighting outdoors.
  5. Extremely low UV emissions – We all know the harmful effects of UV radiations and how they can cause damage to our eyes and skin. LED illuminations therefore are built in such a way that it produces very low UV emissions and very little infrared light. LED lighting is therefore suitable for UV sensitive materials and that includes humans.
  6. Low voltage – LED lights can function with extremely low voltage power supply that helps to save money on electrical energy which makes it easier and safer to handle the bulbs during maintenance and installation. Low voltage for illuminating LED light bulbs can also be supplied with the help of an external energy source like solar energy.

Now that you know that LED lights can benefit you personally while helping to protect the environment, will you switch to LED lights? It’s better to do because you’ll end up saving your precious money and planet. So go green, go for LED! We, at Elcolem, are a leading electrical appliance and replacement company. We provide the most extensive electrical repair services at the most competitive prices. Contact us anytime to know more about our distinguished services.

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